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Dance Classes for
All Ages & Styles


In this class, designed for babies and toddlers, we bring together the magic of creative movement and the infectious rhythms of tap dancing.  

This class is a unique dance experience that ignites your child's imagination and nurtures their natural love for movement and music.  

Through playful exercises and interactive activities, they will learn to use their bodies as instruments of expression, discovering new ways to move and connect with the music. Let your baby's dance dreams blossom in Baby Fusion!

Tumble Tots is designed specifically for energetic little ones aged 2-3 years.This half-hour acrobatics class is a perfect introduction to the world of movement and creativity. During each session, children will embark on a playful journey that includes basic acrobatic skills
such as rolling, craw
ling, jumping, balancing, and more. These activities are carefully designed to enhance motor skills, spatial awareness, and body control, all while having fun and building confidence.


Pre-K Fusion is designed for the 3-4 year old dancer. A combination class consisting of tap and pre-jazz, students will learn basic dance steps, motor skills, musicality and learn to work in a classroom setting through fun and creative lessons.


KinderFusion is a combination class consisting of pre-ballet, jazz and tap designed for the 5-6 year old dancer. This class will introduce dancers to a structured classroom setting that includes curriculum goals through fun and creative lessons.


This class focuses on learning the fundamentals of ballet technique. Class emphasis is on placement, body awareness, quality of movement, turnout, balance, coordination, musicality, flexibility, and terminology. This class will condition and strengthen dancers while helping to gain poise, confidence, and muscle tone.


This class combines elements borrowed from all technical styles, still deeply rooted in the technique of traditional jazz dance. Dancers will build a strong technique that focuses on strength, flexibility, musicality, and jumps and turns.


This class emphasizes technique through warm-up, across the floor, tap turns and combinations. Class focus is on coordination, rhythm, weight shift, tap vocabulary, and articulation.


This class combines contemporary movements with classical ballet and jazz technique. Dancers will learn improvisational techniques that express freedom of movement, as well as learn combinations that test the same mind and body relationship.


This class focuses on teaching fundamental Hip-Hop movements through basic body isolations, freestyling, grooves, and choreography.


This class focuses on the foundations of breakdance including top rock, drops to the floor, footwork patterns, spins and freezes.

This class will focus on a variety of acrobatic skills and techniques. Our experienced instructors will guide students through each skill, focusing on proper techniques and safety precautions. Students will develop their flexibility, balance, coordination, and strength though acrobatic movements. 

This dynamic class combines dance, cheerleading, and pom-pom routines.
Students learn cheer techniques including formation changes, pom
visuals, jumps, kicks, arm motions, turning skills and stunts, while
developing teamwork and coordination. This class emphasizes strength,
flexibility, and endurance.

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